What do you think summer will be like in your community for the year 2020 due to COVID-19?

    Read the scholastic article below.


     Wednesday, May 27th

    Respect Proverb for Wednesday:

    I firmly believe that respect is lot more important, and a lot greater, than popularity....Julius Erving


    Mistakes ALLOWS THINKING THAPPENProperty118 | A better alternative to S24? - Property118

    (45 minutes)

    End of the Year Review

    Adding Decimal Numbers

    Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ...

    -I can use decimal place value to add decimal numbers

    -I can use decimal place value to solve decimal word problems 


     1.  For today's math, you are going to practice/review what you have learned this year about adding decimals.  Sign-in to MobyMax where you should find assigned lessons.  Please take your time and read carefully. 

    2. Practice your MobyMax Fact Fluency!




    Reading/Writing (45-60 minutes)

    Title: The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

     Click the blue links for access activities/links

    ***Remember -When using on line Jouneys' materials, you can type in the page number you want at the top of the screen and click "the arrow".

    Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ... - I can use the RACE strategy to answer comprehension questions. I can use story details to make inferences and support with text evidence.

     1.As you read/listen to the text, identify the setting and main character.  Then look for the conflict, important plot events, and the resolution of the conflict. Read/listen to p. 598-613 by clicking the link ---> e-book

    2. Complete the RACE Questions Assignment on Microsoft Teams.  Don't forget to click "Turn In". 

     3.  Independent Reading- Don't forget to keep up with your reading.  You can record the minutes you read on this Reading Calendar



    Today is our library day. Click the link below to see what summer is like in other communities.  Think about how this summer will be differnt in your community due to COVID-19

    Red Arrow Pointing Right PngSummer in My Community


    Also, remember to work on the Social Studies assignment from Tuesday.

    It is due Friday - 5/29/20







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