Today is Cinco de Mayo, which means the 5th of May  

    It is a celebration of the battle of Puebla to honor a military victory in 1862

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     Tuesday, May 5th

    Respect Proverb for Tuesday:

    When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you....Lao-Tzu


    (45 minutes)

    Growing Arrays with 4, 5, and 6 Squares Across: Perimeter

    Unit 5:  Session 2.3

     Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ...

    -I can identify points in a graph with the corresponding ordered pairs in a table

    -I can describe the relationship between two varying quantities related by a rule (e.g., age and height)

    -I can interpret the shape of a graph in terms of the situation the graph represents

    -I can compare situations by describing differences in their graphs.

    ***IMPORTANT.  When you click on the video or  lesson, it will prompt you to a Pearson Sign In. Follow these    directions:

    • Please click Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Audio
    • Type in Niagara Falls City School District and press "Go"
    • Click "Sign in as a Student
    • Have your child put their user name to log in to their computer at school.  Their password is their student ID #.

    1. - Click on the purple link to review the Math, Words and Ideas videos Tables and Graphs  and Writing Rules to Describe Change 

     **Reminder, the formula for Perimeter is s+s+s+s**

    Printable Stop Sign Clip Art FreeAGAIN, YOU ONLY NEED TO CHOOSE ONE NUMBER, EITHER 4 , 5, OR 6  Printable Stop Sign Clip Art Free

    2.  Click on the purple link to complete the table,Red Arrow Pointing Right Png4,5 or 6 Squares Across: Perimeter Table

    Next, use your completed table to graph the results of your chosen n by  clicking on this purple linkRed Arrow Pointing Right Png4,5 or 6 Squares Across: Perimeter Graph  (click arrow on bottom right of the page to get to page 320)

    3. Remember to draw and fill in 4, 5 or Squares Across: Perimeter table and graph in a notebook or on a sheet of paper.  Be sure to include the date and title of the lesson.  When finished, answer questions about the lesson by clicking on Red Arrow Pointing Right PngForms

                                             Check your answers before you submit.

                          ****Printable Grid Paper to help with visualization****                                                



     Reading/Writing (45-60 minutes)

     Title:LAFFF from Best Shorts by Lensey Namioka

     Click the blue links for access activities/links

    ***Remember -When using on line Jouneys' materials, you can type in the page number you want at the top of the screen and click "the arrow".

    Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ... - I can analyze and explain how elements of a story fit together to create its story structure.  I can identify onomatopoeia and its effect on the text.

     1.  As you read/listen to the text, look for text evidence and details about the character, setting, and plot.  Read/listen to p. 510-525 by clicking the link ---> e-book

    2. Read "Dig Deeper" on p. 526-527 by clicking the link ---> e-book.  Fill out the graphic organizer on Microsoft Teams to identify story elements and to analyze how they fit together to provide the overall structure (setting, characters, and plot).

     3.  Independent Reading- Don't forget to keep up with your reading.  You can record the minutes you read on this Reading Calendar


     world  SOCIAL STUDIES  world

     You can work on this Nearpod throughout the week!  It is due Friday

    Learning TargetConcept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ...: I can describe the impact on Native Americans of contact with Europeans.

     Today you will experience another Nearpod presentation.  When it asks for your "nickname" please type your first name.  Carefully read through the slides to learn about how Native Americans were affected hundreds of years ago.   You must participate in the questions, videos, activities, and quizzes as you go. Hope you have fun!

    Click here ---> Contact with Europeans

    If you need a code, it is YRAFI

    ****Please go through slides slowly so you do not miss anything, sometimes it takes a few seconds to load****

    Social Studies is due Friday, May 8th



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