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     Important sites students will be using to complete assignments:

    ****If you are having trouble with pages loading, make sure you are using CHROME OR EDGE as your internet browser.

    Clever- is the  main access page for the following websites: 

    • Think Central (ELA)
    • MobyMax (Math reinforcement, could be Social Studies and/or Science)
    • Brain Pop (Science)

    The log in for Clever is...USERNAME - STUDENT NUMBER

                                    PASSWORD - STUDENT NUMBER

    Microsoft Teams- Username: computersigninname@nfschools.net (example mhunter@nfschools.net) and password: hunter20


     SYMBALOO will be the site that students can use for Math. (Pearson Realize) 

    USERNAME - STUDENT NAME(how you log in to your laptop...mine would be mjhunter)               PASSWORD -  STUDENT NUMBER

     Readworks  (Class code: UBM2YW, username: school computer username, password: 1234)

      ***Any work that is done on paper will need to be stored at home until further instructions on how to turn it in. We appreciate your patience as we determine how to safely turn in paper copies of work.***




Last Modified on April 18, 2020