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    Thursday, May 7th

    Respect Proverb for Thursday:

    Respect the rights of others and you will have peace....Mexican Proverb


    (45 minutes)

    Unit 5: Session 2.4: 10 Squares Across Perimeter

    Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ...  - I can interpret the shape of a graph in terms of the situation the graph represents.  I can analyze and compare numerical patterns generated by different rules.

    ***IMPORTANT.  When you click on the video or  lesson, it will prompt you to a Pearson Sign In. Follow these    directions:

    • Please click Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Audio
    • Type in Niagara Falls City School District and press "Go"
    • Click "Sign in as a Student
    • Have your child put their user name to log in to their computer at school.  Their password is their student ID #.

     1- Click on the Math, Words and Ideas link to help with today's lessonRed Arrow Pointing Right Png Comparing Tables and Graphs   

     Printable Stop Sign Clip Art Free Reminder, the formula for Perimeter is s+s+s+s

    2-Click the purple link to complete the tableRed Arrow Pointing Right Png10 Squares Across: Perimeter.   Next, use your table to complete the graph by clicking hereRed Arrow Pointing Right Png10 Squares Across: Perimeter Graph    (click arrow on bottom right of the page to get to p.330)                               

    3rd - Please draw and fill in your table and graph in a notebook or on a piece of paper. Be sure to include the name of the lesson and page number.  When finished, answer the questions about the lesson by clicking here Red Arrow Pointing Right Png10 Squares Across Form

    4-Practice your MobyMax Fact Fluency

                                   ****Printable Grid Paper to help with visualization****                      


    Reading/Writing (45-60 minutes)

     LAFFF: Best Shorts by Lensey Namioka

     Click the blue links for access activities/links

    ***Remember -When using on line Jouneys' materials, you can type in the page number you want at the top of the screen and click "the arrow".

    Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ... - I can write a paragraph describing a time when you got to show off your talents to others including describing how you felt as you displayed your talent.  I can write a paragraph that is descriptive and at least 10 sentences long.

    1.  Review the story (p. 510-525) by clicking the link-->  e-book

    3.  Read Dreams to Reality p. 530-532 by clicking the link -->  e-book

    4.  Complete the Text to Self Connection by going to Assignments in Microsoft Teams.

    5.  Independent Reading- Don't forget to keep up with your reading.  You can record the minutes you read on this Reading Calendar


       Sports    TIME TO GET MOVING, TODAY IS GYMSports               


                                            *Run or jog in place for 30 second                                                      

    *Arm Circles – 10 forward and 10 backward -10 Twist

    *Toe Touches – Hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.       

                            *10 Sit-ups or 10 Crunches   *10 Push-ups  *10 Jumping Jacks                                 Cool Down 

    *Pick 3 exercises from the above list 

     PE Lessons at Home

    (Click on the lesson) Fitness Stations 







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