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    Tuesday, April 21st

    Perseverance Proverb for Tuesday: A failure is not always a mistake.  It may simply be the beat one can do under the circumstances.  The real mistake is to stop trying......B.F. Skinner



    (45 minutes)

     Temperature, Growth and Height

    Unit 5:  Session 1.2

     Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ... - I can understand the meaning of points on a coordinate graph and interpret the          shape of a graph in terms of the situation the graph represents.

    ***IMPORTANT.  When you click on the video, it will prompt you to a Pearson Sign In. Follow these    directions:

    • Please click Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Audio
    • Type in Niagara Falls City School District and press "Go"
    • Click "Sign in as a Student
    • Have your child put their user name to log in to their computer at school.  Their password is their student ID #.
    • The video should now work.  Once you do this on your device it will automatically go to the video from now on!


    1st -  Click on the orange link to watch the Math, Words and Ideas video (slide 1 only) - Tables and Graphs

    2nd - Carefully read then answer the questions on page 283(1-4) by clicking on the green link below. Be sure to complete the line  graph  -  Temperature for a Day in June in Alaska on that page. Click on forms  to record your answers -    Forms

     3rd - Click on the purple link to practice Fact Fluency - MobyMax Fact Fluency




    Reading/Writing (45-60 minutes)

    We Were There, Too by Phillip Hoose

     Click the blue links for access activities/links

    ***Remember -When using on line Jouneys' materials, you can type in the page number you want at the top of the screen and click "the arrow".

    Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ... - I can compare and contrast to understand relationships between people, events, and ideas by writing down facts about both subjects.

                                  -  I can use text details to monitor and clarify understanding.

     1.  As you read/listen to the text, look for text evidence tht helps you think about how the situations, motives, and traits of the two subjects are alike and different. Read/listen to p. 448-461 by clicking the link ---> e-book

    2. List as many facts as you can find about the two subjects from the text in the T-chart on Microsoft Teams

     3.  Independent Reading- Don't forget to keep up with your reading.  You can record the minutes you read on this Reading Calendar



    Kids World Hands Friends Networks Globe Illustration Small image ...SOCIAL STUDIESKids World Hands Friends Networks Globe Illustration Small image ...

    You can work on this Nearpod throughout the week!  It is due Friday

     Today you will experience your first Nearpod presentation.  When it asks for your "nickname" please type your first name.  Read through the slides to learn about Cinco de Mayo, a celebration in Mexico.  Participate in the questions and polls as you go.  Hope you have fun!

    Click here ---> Cinco de Mayo

    ****Please go through slides slowly so you do not miss anything, sometimes it takes a few seconds to load****




Last Modified on May 1, 2020