• January 19, 2021 – January 26, 2021

    Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff and Students:

    This week the nation inaugurates Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. Like many occasions since COVID-19 hit the nation and the world a year ago, the inauguration is incredibly different from presidential swearing-in ceremonies of years past. The pandemic means that safety measures (face masks, social distancing, etc.) were put in place to protect attendees from contracting or spreading the novel coronavirus. Then the storming of the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 resulted in unprecedented security measures around the Capitol and all of Washington, D.C.

    Amid all of this change and uncertainty, we have to (must!) educate our children. As we experience a “learning pandemic,” we must fight this enemy with every bit of resolve needed to fight COVID-19. Our District has been amazing - staying calm, cooperating, supporting each other, coming up with innovative ways to teach and learn – educators, students and parents have shown resiliency and adaptability that has far exceeded my expectations. Keep it up, this way of learning and living will not last forever.

    The new year is in its infancy and we have continued to experience challenges. However, the obstacles presented have not shut down education – we have prevailed through the first half of the school year. We will keep our students and community safe, and we will not falter in the second half of the school year. We will march on in harmony as we have done since September.      

    Be well.

    Mark Laurrie, Superintendent

    Niagara Falls City School District

District Event Schedule

  • Roving Technology Repair Schedule

    Tuesday & Friday at the following locations and times:

    Niagara Falls High School 9:30am–11:00am
    Gaskill Prep 11:00am ‐12:00pm
    LaSalle Prep 1:00pm‐2:00pm
    Kalfas Elementary 10:00am‐11:00am
    Hyde Park School 1:00pm‐2:00pm
    Niagara Street School 10:00am‐11:30pm
    Maple Avenue Elementary 9:00am‐10:00am
    Abate Elementary 11:30am‐1:00pm

  • Superintendent Laurrie, Dr. Silvaroli & RN Laura Lasher demonstrate COVID-19 screening test 

    and the results are.....

    Our own health care heroes... Sammy Sisler (aide) and Chanel Olszewski (nurse) are Niagara Falls High School graduates who are serving on the front lines, treating COVID-19 and other patients during this sad time. Thank you Sammy and Chanel and the many, many NFCSD graduates working in health care and in hospitals. We salute and thank you.