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    Thursday, May 14th

    Respect Proverb for Today:

    Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient....Steve Maraboli



    Property118 | A better alternative to S24? - Property118


    (45 minutes)

    Unit 8: Properties of Polygons

    Session 1.1 Triangles: Two the Same, One Different

    Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ...  - I can identify attributes of polygons.  I can classify triangles by the size of their angles and the length of their sides.

    ***IMPORTANT.  When you click on the video or  lesson, it will prompt you to a Pearson Sign In. Follow these    directions:

    • Please click Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Audio
    • Type in Niagara Falls City School District and press "Go"
    • Click "Sign in as a Student
    • Have your child put their user name to log in to their computer at school.  Their password is their student ID #.

     1- Click on the Math, Words and Ideas link to help with today's lessonRed Arrow Pointing Right Png Properties of Triangles  Be sure to scroll down on slide 1 to see all the examples.  Check out slide 2 to test your knowledge!

    2-Use these Red Arrow Pointing Right PngPrintable Shape Cards(only the triangles) and this Chart, Red Arrow Pointing Right PngAttributes of Triangles Chart, to help you identify 2 triangles that share the same attributes and 1 triangle that does not, to help you complete pages 533-534 by clicking on the links

    Red Arrow Pointing Right PngPrintable Triangles: Two the Same, One Different.                 

    3- Please record your work in a notebook or on a piece of paper.  Or, use the printable pages. Be sure to include the name of the lesson, date and page number.  When finished, answer questions about the lesson by clicking here Red Arrow Pointing Right PngProperties of Polygons Form

    4 - Game time! This game, Guess My Rule, requires at least two players. The object of the game is to place 2 triangles that share the same attributes in the box and 1 triangle that does not share those attributes outside of the box. The person that you are playing with has to guess your rule.  Your rule is based on how you classify the triangles, by the length of their sides and/or by the angles of the triangle.  Use your Attributes of Triangles Chart to help you find rules.  Think you are ready??? Click the link to find out Red Arrow Pointing Right PngGuess My Rule



    Reading/Writing (45-60 minutes)

    The Dog Newspaper by Peg Kehret

     Click the blue links for access activities/links

    ***Remember -When using on line Jouneys' materials, you can type in the page number you want at the top of the screen and click "the arrow".

    Learning Concept Success. Red Dart Hitting A Target. Vector Sign. Royalty ... - I can read and comprehend poetry. I can answer questions about poetry using the RACE strategy.

    1. Read Poetry by Poetry p. 556-558 by clicking the link -->  e-book

    2. Complete the RACE Questions by going to Assignments in Microsoft Teams.  Be sure to click "Turn In"

    3.  Independent Reading- Don't forget to keep up with your reading.  You can record the minutes you read on this Reading Calendar


       Sports    TIME TO GET MOVING, TODAY IS GYMSports               


                                            *Run or jog in place for 30 second                                                      

    *Arm Circles – 10 forward and 10 backward -10 Twist

    *Toe Touches – Hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.       

                            *10 Sit-ups or 10 Crunches   *10 Push-ups  *10 Jumping Jacks                   Cool Down 

    *Pick 3 exercises from the above list 

     PE Lessons at Home

    (Click on the lesson) Bowling




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