• April 20 - 24

    "Good riddance to decisions that don't support self-care, self-worth, and self-value" - Oprah Winfrey


    Your responses to the "Serving in Florida" and reviewing the resources from Parade magazines "What People Earn in 2020" are due by April 24.  You can take a picture of your written responses, attach Word Documents, or share Googl Docs to aimtw86@gmail.com.


    For this week, you will work on the College Essay that you can use for the college application process.  The prompts are from the Common Application form.  Choose one of the prompts and write a four paragraph essay with proper spelling, grammar, punctuation with a strong sense of voice, style, and originality.  I will also inlcude two articles to give you information to consider when writing your essay.  This essay will be due the week of April 27 - May 1 - follow the directions above for submission.  Email me with questions.  Good Luck!

    College Essay Topics

    Essay Topics to Avoid

    Tips for Writing the Colleg Essay



Last Modified on April 11, 2020