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    Mr. Kutis / skutis@nfschools.net /

    Greetings, all, and welcome to our class webpage. 

    Wednesday, July 24, 2024


    Hope this finds you all well.  Whether in person or remotely, would like to greet you all with a "Hello" and "Welcome Back!" I hope these first few sentences between us begin what will go on to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience! I'll do my part.


    As we begin, let me prepare you for a little confusion and frustration.  This is a new way of doing things for many of us--myself included--and the transition will require a little time and patience.  It's good practice, as real learning often includes a good measure of both. The benefits of the experience will be twofold: you will become familiar with a new program and the possibilities this modern platform offers to learning and communicating; moreover, you'll likely gain a little knowledge about yourself and your ability to problem solve, which will serve you over your lifetime as you are confronted by "lifes's thousand natural shocks."  


    Updates!  Remind Codes for 2020-21 School Year.  Please read closely, as there are few different codes.

    If you are a NUSTEP student, sign up by texting @kutisn to 81010

    If you are a Remote student (you do not attend school in person), sign up by texting @kutiseng to 81010

    If you are Hybrid student (you attend two days per week), sign up by texting @kutisengly to 81010


    Also, please join your 365 Class Team. To do so, go to Office.com and sign in: 


                                                                                                Login: first initial,  middle initial @nfschools.net   

                                                                                                Password: student ID                                                                                                             


    S. Kutis :)






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