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  • Mr. Collins

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    Grade 9 English 

    Team J/Y


     Assignments are posted on this page and in Office 365

    1.) Take your time and read all instructions carefully

    2.) Check in with me if you have a question

    3.) Breathe 

     Team J/Y students and parents are encouraged to join our Team Remind. 

    Please follow this link to join our Remind updates:

    Team J Remind Code

    code: @teamjnfhs

    I will be posting work to do at home using Microsoft Office Teams. 

    To access your Teams go to Office.com  ------(This work will also be posted on this site in case you cannot access your account from home).

    Step 1:  Open your browser ex. Google Chrome or Edge

    Step 2:  Search for office.com

    Step 3:  Sign in with your computer login@nfschools.net  (ex. Mjones@nfschools.net)

    Password is your computer password.

    If your username or password does not work please reach out to: mcacciatore@nfschools.net

    Step 4:  Your screen should look like this

    Step 5: Click on the Teams App.  This will open your list of class Teams.  Select a Team to view class Files and Assignments.  IF the teacher adds an assignment please use the Turn In button to submit your work. 😊