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    Welcome to Mr. Dowsey's Webpage

    U.S. History Remote Academy {2020-2021}

    Class Period                                               Section on Teams            

    Period 2                US History-Section 13

    Period 3                US History-Section 12

    Period 4/5            US History-Section 14

    Period 7/8            US History-Section 15

    Period 11              US History-Section 16

  • How to Access Teams:


    1. Open either browser:  Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome
    2. Do not use internet explorer.
    3. Search www.office.com  {Office 365 Login}
    4. Sign in with your school computer login and ADD nfschools.net on the end. 
    5. Example:  mpjones@nfschools.net
    6. Your password is your Student ID.  
    7. Then, you'll be prompted to create a new password.

    Note:  If your username or password doesn't work please reach out to


          8. Click on the Teams app.  This will open up your list of class teams.

              Select a Team to view your class assignments, talk to your teacher,

              meet with the class, and receive assistance.



  • No information on status of the Regents Exam      Other contact:


  • US History and Government  


  • Communication:Remind App  

    Send a text to 810-10.  {Remind App}

    Text this message: @mdowsey to join. 

        Initially, the Remind Class App will help

    us to get everyone on board.



  •   Google Classroom   Remote Class Schedule

        Remote Class Schedule and other important

    information will be posted in the Team App for

    each class.


Last Modified on September 29, 2020