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    Hello!  I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed summer.  I look forward to meeting everyone soon!

    -Ms. Parker


    Above: Color Theory Design Student Examples

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    Abstract Art Display

    Above: O'Keeffe Inspired Abstract Art Display



    Above: Abstract Expressionism Independent Collaboration!

    By Daniel and Alyssa

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    Remind code: to be announced (text for questions, also quick announcements and reminders will be posted here)

    Gmail: missparker.nf.art@gmail.com (Please send pictures of your artwork and assignments here!)

    School email: rparker@nfschools.net (another way to contact me if you have any questions, no pictures sent here)

    How to get Assignments: Microsoft Teams

    (NEW assignments will be posted and turned in here while learning from home; also helpful materials, extra credit, and make up work)

    Logging in:  first letter of first name and last name @nfschools.net

    password: reset over the summer to your student id #

    for example: Joe Smith- jsmith@nfschools.net

    How to turn in Assignments: to be updated

    (I am having storage problems with my school email [rparker@nfschools.net])

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    Grading Policy: to be announced


                       Quarter 1 (Q1=__%)

                       Quarter 2 (Q2=__%)

                       Quarter 3 (Q3=__%)

                       Quarter 4 (Q4=__%)

                  + Final Exam (L6=__%)


    Overall Course Grade (Y1=100%)


    *Quarter 4 letter grades as followed earned during online learning:

    (note that this may change for 2020-21 school year)

      • P = Pass

      • F = Fail

      • M = Mastery (extraordinary effort and quality of work)


    *Updated Late Work Policy- Points will not be taken off for work being late, but please try your best to stay caught up so that you don't fall behind.

    From the NFHS COVID-19 Phased Grading Guidelines:

    Phase 1 – Connectivity and Feedback 

    1. Feedback follows the TAG template: 
    • Tells students what they did well
    • Asks a question about their thinking 
    • Gives suggestions for improvement 

    *(These are covered in your artist statement-critiques.)

    Quarter 1 Assignments- Due___

    Quarter 2 Assignments- Due___

    Quarter 3 Assignments- Due___

    Quarter 4 Assignments- Due___


    Weekly Assignments with Daily Prompts from Microsoft Teams:

    Weekly Assignment #1 Due__ 


     Library Extra Credit:

    A library skill escape room!  Click the link below and let me know what you thought!


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