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    Above: Color Theory Design Student Examples

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    Abstract Art Display

    Above: O'Keeffe Inspired Abstract Art Display



    Above: Abstract Expressionism Independent Collaboration!

    By Daniel and Alyssa

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    Teams Chat: @rparker (message for questions and turning in work)

    School email: rparker@nfschools.net (another way to contact me if you have any questions)

    How to get Assignments: Microsoft Teams

    (NEW assignments will be posted and turned in here while learning from home; also helpful materials, extra credit, and make up work)

    Logging in:  first letter of first name and last name @nfschools.net

    password: reset over the summer to your student id #

    for example: Joe Smith- jsmith@nfschools.net

    How to turn in Assignments: @rparker on Teams Chat

    Grading Policy: subject to change


                       Quarter 1 (Q1= 20%)

                       Quarter 2 (Q2= 20%)

                       Quarter 3 (Q3= 20%)

                       Quarter 4 (Q4= 20%)

                  + Final Exam (L6= 20%)


    Overall Course Grade (Y1=100%)


    *Updated Late Work Policy- Points will not be taken off for work being late, but please try your best to stay caught up so that you don't fall behind.

    Quarter 1 Assignments- Due November 11, 2022

    Quarter 2 Assignments- Due January __, 2023

    Quarter 3 Assignments- Due April __, 2023

    Quarter 4 Assignments- Due June __, 2023

     Library Extra Credit:

    A library skill escape room-  Click the link below and let me know what you thought...


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