• Dear NFHS Families:


    I want to share with you the process we will be going through as part of our responsibility for participating in the DTSDE Review, which is a required assessment of our schools by the New York State Department of Education. We are very interested in the perspective of our families as an important part of our planning. Our family/school relationship and partnership is central to our students’ success.


    Below is a link to The Family Engagement Survey. This will be posted on our website and the parent portal on April 9. The survey will be open from April 9 to May 3. It is very easy to complete. The survey has 50 questions which are rated on a five part scale. Also, there are three open questions for our families to offer comments. All survey responses are anonymous; respondents are not identified.


    Additionally, as part of this process, our staff and students will be completing surveys. This will allow us to have a comprehensive database important for our planning.

    We have selected PLC Associates, Inc. to administer these assessments, compile the data and provide comprehensive reports which will be very helpful to us in planning forward. PLC Associates, Inc. has worked with hundreds of schools and is a certified provider of these instruments by the New York State Department of Education. The company abides by a strict code of conduct in administering these surveys and is known for their exemplary level of delivery.


    We appreciate your assistance in completing this important survey. If there are questions or need for clarifications, please contact Cheryl Vilardo at 716-286-7950 or cwvilardo@nfschools.net. Parents are such an important part of what we do and we are grateful for our families taking the time to respond. It is important for our schools.


    We look forward to your input.


    Thank you.


    Cheryl Vilardo


    https://2024 Parent & Family Engagement Survey