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    Studio Art with Miss Swiatek


    Email - Cswiatek@nfschools.net


     Hello Students and Parents. I hope you are well, safe and in good health.

    You can contact me through my school district email, or message me through the Remind App.


    STUDENTS - As we begin to close up our classrooms for the school year, PLEASE let me know if there is a specific project that is in my classroom and you would like to pick up! Let me know ASAP and we can make arrangments for me to leave it labeled with your name on it. Otherwise, all projects will be left in my classroom and can be picked up next school year.

     Student Locker Clean Out

     Our school email struggles to upload and send large files and pictures. If you are turning in work, feel free to send the image through the Remind App, or even Office 365.



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    Studio in Art - @cswia


    Instagram: swiateks_artroom



    I am going to continue grading your assignments like I normally would, on a scale of 1 - 100. Your final grades will reflect the following grade codes established by the Superintendent.


     The Superintendent has established the following grading codes:

                 o “I” (incomplete) for work that isn't acceptable and/or would normally receive below 65.

                 o “P” (passing) for work that is passing and would normally receive a score of 65-84.

                 o “M” (mastery) for work that would normally receive an 85 or above.




    Email! For most assignments, you will send me an email that contains a picture of your work including any reflection to go along with it. Because I do not know everyone's email it is VERY IMPORTANT that you include the following heading at the top of the page: 


    First name, Last Name

    Art period


    Assignment Name