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    Niagara Falls High School is proud to offer 12 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These courses are taught by College Board® certified teachers. Our rigorous AP program provides NFHS students the opportunity to study and learn at the college level. Our goal is to expose students to the rigor of college level course work and provide students with the skills they will need to be successful in college.  Research shows that students who successfully complete AP course work and assessments will experience much greater success in college because they are prepared for the level at which college courses are taught.


    Each spring, AP Students at Niagara Falls High School take College Board Advanced Placement exams for the course(s) for which they are enrolled.  These $86 exams are funded by the Niagara Falls City School System as a way to demonstrate its commitment to the students the District serves.  These college level assessments are created by and scored by college and university faculty as well as experienced AP Teachers.  The exams are scored on a scale on 1 (lowest score) to 5 (highest score) with 3 considered “passing”. 


    Every summer, AP exam results are mailed to the homes of the students.  Those who wish to share the score on a college or university application may do so by obtaining a score report from the College Board directly.  A college or university may grant credit to the student which will allow the student to begin college with credits from the courses taken in high school! 


    We encourage our students to challenge themselves by exploring Advanced Placement course work at NFHS.  To learn more about the benefits of taking Advanced Placement courses, go to www.collegeboard.com.


    For more on taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses at Niagara Falls High School please contact:



    Mrs. Cheryl Vilardo

    Advanced Placement Administrator