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    You will need...

    • 2-inch 3-ring binder
    • Blue or black pens
    • Pencils
    • Lined paper
    • Kleenex


    Can you log into Microsoft Teams?  Here is the help you are looking for!

    As an in-person and/or remote student, you will need to be able to access and use Microsoft Teams in order to complete the majority of your assignments, tests and quizzes on a daily basis.  Please make sure that you have access to MS Teams on your devices.  The information below will guide you through setting that up if you have not done so previously.  If you have MS Teams set up from last year, you should be all set.  If not, please read on.

    Here are the steps to follow.


    1. Go to the Apple Store for iPhones or the Google Store for Android devices.
    2. Search for Microsoft Teams and download it to your device.  As a student of Niagara Falls City School District, you each have a license to download any of the Office Apps available to us.
    3. Once downloaded, you will need to log into the app.
    4. Your login USERNAME is the same as if you were logging into a district laptop from a classroom laptop cart followed by @nfschools.net.  For example, student Johnny Wolverine would be jwolverine@nfschools.net
    5. Your login PASSWORD is your student ID number.

    At that point, you will be able to see your "Teams" (classes) for all of your classes this year.  If you do not have all your classes listed yet, be patient as they are still working out some of the small details.  The Administration and Superintendent of Schools has asked us to remind you to be very patient until all the glitches are worked out.  This is all brand new to all of us.  There may be some bumps or even some pot holes in the road ahead.  Being patient and working together, we will make it through!

    Here is a user guide to help you.

Last Modified on September 7, 2022