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    I hope everyone is staying safe at home during this strange time. Seniors and spring sport athletes, I am truly sorry that this time of year is not going how you expected...I cannot imagine how all of this uncertainty must feel to you. I never thought I would say this, but I actually miss my students...well, most of you...  :)

    I am sure you are all aware by now your classes will be shifting to digital platforms. This includes physical education... but do not worry I am making it very simple for you. You will be asked to keep a exercise log and workout three days per week. Some of you may already be doing this whether you realize it or not...going on walks, biking, hiking, playing basketball with your siblings at home are all examples of fitness activities you can count towards your physical education grade. 

    I will be asking students to turn in their fitness logs by Saturday of each week with the first Saturday being April 18th. The last time I checked I had around 300 students... With this in mind I have created a way for you to turn in your fitness logs through the Office 365 Teams app to help me stay organized and keep track of student work. There will be one assignment per week that has three short answer questions. In these short answers you will be asked to explain your three workout activities...short and simple...  I have attached a PDF that has more details on how to log in to Office 365, what to do if you can't, as well as ideas for at home workouts --->A more detailed explanation is here

    Feel free to visit my original website I have been using it all year and I have useful info and medical assignments on there. Also, remember to sign up for Remind with my Code: @c6k29h.

    Stay safe, practice social distancing, and enjoy this time with your families...this will be an experience you will be able to share the rest of your lives. Make it a good story. 


    -Coach Eagan



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