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    Daily assignments will begin soon!  If you do not have access to internet and need a paper packet please contact me ASAP.  You may contact me through email or remind app.  Lessons will be posted on Microsoft Teams daily.  


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    Mrs. Haney

    Social Studies- Grade 7      


    Questions about Online work: 

    Paper vs. online 

    The paper and online will cover the same topics. You will be using resources that are directly from your textbook and/or online resources.  However I am able to send notes, videos, and activities to enhance the lesson.  You can also view these at your own pace and review it a number of times.  Also I am to correct and send feedback immediately. 

    What if I 100% can't work online? 

    Well, each week you will have to go to the school and pick up a packet of work.  This is the same work as online but without the online help.  It seems right now that you will turn that work in each week but I won't be able to grade it (due to safety reasons) right away.  

    What if I have a question about something?  You can text me in Remind or on microsoft teams 


Last Modified on April 22, 2020