• Once you have logged into your Office account, you should find your Teams folder (instructions for logging into teams is on my Home Screen). 


    • Click the assignment you are asked to complete for the week and type into the document. (There is no need to download the document to your computer or phone). 


    • If using your phone or Tablet to do work, I recommend downloading the TEAMS APP and WORD APP. This will make completing the assignments MUCH easier. 


    Teams snip      


    word snip

    • As you type, there is no need to save your document. Typing within Teams saves your work automatically.  I will see the work as you type your answers. 


    • Once you are finished, please click the "TURN IN" button on the right side of your screen. Please read over your work before submitting. Check to see you have answered ALL of the questions that are being asked of you. 



    Once I grade it, you will receive feedback from the assignment within Teams. Your official grade for the assignment will then be posted in PowerSchool.