• Hello 11 Regents Students!

    I hope all of you and your families are doing well.  I'm glad to finally have a way to communicate with you during this time off.  I will be posting assignments and resources for the coming weeks on this page.  Please do your best to complete the work and email me anytime with questions.  You may also reach out to Mrs. Bodkin for additional resources and assistance with the work posted here. Her email is rbodkin@nfschools.net and Remind code is @rbodkin.


    I will be grading your work according to the new district guidelines:

    Incomplete - Work that is not complete and/or does not meet acceptable passing standards

    Passing - Work is complete and fulfills passing requirements of 65-84

    Mastery - Work that is complete, high quality, and goes beyond minimum requirements of 85 or higher


    Since all work will be online, you can submit assignments by choosing one of these options:

    • Hand write your responses, take a picture, and email me the pictures to my gmail account: aimtw86@gmail.com
    • Type responses via Microsoft Word and send as an attachment to my gmail account: aimtw86@gmail.com
    • Type responss via Google Docs and share to my gmail account: aimtw86@gmail.com


    The Regents Exams have officially been cancelled for this school year.

    I will post assignments and resources each week along with a due date for submitting the written assignments.  I hope you will do your best to complete the work.  Feel free to email me questions or just touch base.  I miss spending time together and interacting with each other.  Stay current with information via the district web page, video updates from Mr. Laurrie, and the phone calls from Mr. Laurrie.


    Take care, stay safe and healthy!

    Mrs. Wolf


Last Modified on April 6, 2020