• April 13 - 17

    "Who you are inside is what helps you make and do everything in life" - Mr. Rodgers

    We will continue with the unit we started befor the school shutdown.  We were discussing and learing about rhetorical devices that authors utilize in their writing to strengthen meaning, add interest, persuade and entertain their audience.  We are going to learn about two important historical figures, Elizabeth Cady Stanto and Booker T. Washington, and their powerful and persuasive writing. You will learn about their biographies and the historical context of their writing, their important speeches, and vocabulary of their speeches. 

    For this week, you will focus on Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her speech "Address to the First Women's Rights Convention" that took place in Seneca Falls in 1848. Email Mrs. Bodkin or me with any questions.  Check out Mrs. Bodkin's site for some additional resources.Good luck!


    Biography - Read and reflect on the life and times of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    Stanton Biography


    Speech Vocabulary - Here is a list of vocabulary words that may help with understanding

    Stanton Vocab


    Speech - Here is a copy of the speech to read, highlight, annotate, and analyze.  You will be answering questions based on the speech that will count for a grade. You may want to read the questions before you start the speech which may help guide your reading.

    Stanton Speech


    Speech Questions - As you read, reflect, and analyze the speech, you will be responding to these questions.  You may write the responses, take a picture, and send the pictures to my gmail account.  You may also type the responses on Word and attach in an email or in Google Docs and share - use aimtw86@gmail.com.

    The responses will be due between April 20-24.

    Speech Questions

    Speech Questions - Word Document


    Rhetorical Device List - Here is the list of words we reviewed a few weeks ago.  Use this list for the Stanton speech and the Washington speech.

    Rhetorical Device List





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