• Tips for Remote Learning (Here are some tips to help you be successful, while learning remotely)



    1    Communicate Often

          - Reach out to your instructors.  If you aren’t sure how best to participate in the remote classroom, contact your instructor for clarification.

            - Please realize that due to the unusual circumstances, your instructor may not be able to respond immediately. Be patient, but follow up.


     2.     Stay Organized

            -  take the time to put together the schedule and expectations for each of your classes.

            -  Begin assignments early.

    3.     Take Care of Yourself

            -  Stay healthy by getting adequate rest, nutrition and exercise.

            -   Monitor your self-talk and stay positive.

    4.     Manage Your Environment

            -  Schedule specific times in your day to dedicate to studying or participating in your classes. If you are sharing a computer or laptop with family members, ask them if you can establish a set schedule to allow you to continue meeting class expectations.