• Distance Learning Grading Policy:



    I will be grading your work according to the new district guidelines:

    I:    Incomplete - Work that is not complete and/or does not meet acceptable passing standards

    P:   Passing - Work is complete and fulfills passing requirements of 65-84

    M:   Mastery - Work that is complete, high quality, and goes beyond minimum requirements of 85 or higher



    Daily Assignment Submission:


    Since all work will be online, you can submit assignments by choosing one of these options:


     1.  Students may edit certain assingments, type the answers and then email the assignment. 


    2. If student has acess to a printer, they can print the assignment, complete the worksheets, take a picture and then submit using Remind.


    3. Open a blank word document, type the answers and email them. 


    4. Write your answers on a blank sheet of notebook paper, take a picture and submit the picture using Remind. 




    Remember: The Regents Exams have officially been cancelled for this school year.