• Assignment due 4/17 

    Please join the Remind and the Office 365 Team if you have not yet done so. I will post the assignments here as well, but it is easier to turn in the work using Office 365. 

    The assignments will be posted Sunday nights and will be due that Friday, so you can complete the work when you have time. Please try and turn this work in on time. 

    The assignment for this week: 

    Using the -AR verb conjugation PPT, complete the -AR conjugation worksheet. 

    -AR Conjugation PPT

    -AR Conjugation worksheet


    Assignment due 4/29

    Please join the Remind and Office 365 team if you still haven't done so. Here is the assignment for this week: 

    Using the vocabulary, please complete vocabulary sandwiches on a separate sheet of paper. 

    Using the vocabulary, please complete the following 2 worksheets. You can send pictures of the completed work to me through Remind, or submit through Office 365. 

    La Casa Vocabulary

    La casa Sp. 1 questions

    La casa Sp. 1 reading


    Assignment due Sunday 5/10

    This week will be a make-up week for the previous assignments AND I want you to watch a show in Spanish (with English subtitles, if you want, or Spanish to challenge yourself) and write up a short paragraph in English (5-6 sentences) about what you liked/didn't like. If you don't have access to any of these streaming services, I've included some YouTube options. If you are having trouble with this assignment for any reason, please send me a message on Remind or an email.

    Here are some shows you can check out if you have access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and/or Hulu:
    Buena Gente (Amazon Prime Video)
    Violetta (Disney +)
    Nailed It! Spain or Mexico (Netflix)
    Rebelde (Netflix - can sometimes be a little inappropriate, check with your parents)
    East Los High (Hulu)
    Go! Vive a tu manera (Netflix)
    Soy Luna (Disney +)

    YouTube options:
    Destinos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1bZix5GZZ4
    Extra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfb9-ZTCA-E


    Assignment due Wednesday, 5/20

    Use the attached document to creat the "Mi Casa Ideal" project. 

    Mi Casa Ideal Project


    Assignment due Wednesday, 5/26 

    Follow the checklist document to complete the work that is due this week. 

    Checklist for May 20-26

    Spanish 1 vocab review

    Review Worksheet


    Assignment due Tuesday, 6/9

    Please complete the following end of year project on a Spanish-speaking country of your choice.

    (I am having trouble uploading it here, it is on Teams and I can send via Remind)