• Hello Guys,

    I hope everyone is doing well. I'm disappointed that we won't be able to see each other again this year but I understand why.  As I've said on my main page, please REACH OUT to me if you have any issues, questions, concerns... anything.  And I'll do my very best to help you out.  

    Hang in there!!
    Mrs. Bodkin



    So Assignment #3 is an essay about a speech of YOUR CHOICE.  

    Some pointers from me --- 

    1. Pick a speech that interests you.

    2. Don't pick a speech that is "too short" or it will be difficult to find rhetorical devices and quotes to write about...

    3. BUT ALSO... don't pick a speech that is "too long" or it will be difficult to pull it all together.

    4. PICK A SPEECH THAT INTERESTS YOU!!  Use the links that Mrs. Wolf provided to search for a speech.





    This assignment calls for 4 paragraphs. 

    If you'd like you can do a 3 (THREE) paragraphs.


    You will do:

    1st paragraph -  Introduction

    2nd paragraph - Body with 2-3 rhetorical devices with quotes

    3rd paragraph - Conclusion (though INCLUDED in the conclusion, please include ONE QUOTE that you thought was important to the speech and explain why it is important)


    Follow this MODIFIED outline for your essay:


    • Identify the speech you selected.
    • Give a brief overview of the speech – setting, circumstances, and audience.
    • Thesis statement that explains the overall importance of the speech.

    Body Paragraph:

    • Using the attached list, identify TWO – THREE strong rhetorical devices that are evident in your speech.
    • Include a quote from the text for each device and cite the quotes according to the author’s last name.
    • Comment on the examples and explain why they are important to the deeper meaning of the text.


    • Offer your overall opinion of the speech.
    • Explain why you selected the speech.
    • Include a quote (cite it according to the author's last name)
    • Comment on why this quote is important
    • Explain what you learned from the speech.