• Career  Exploration Internship Program


     This class is a career exploration class that provides students with the opportunity to explore a career they might be interested in pursuing in the future. The internship program is a full-year course. The first semester students work on resumes, scholarship searches, career information, college research, beginning a new job, problem solving, worker rights and protections, expectations of employers, labor unions, correct business etiquette, appearance on the job, human relations at work, listening and speaking skills (including proper telephone etiquette) changing job markets, outsourcing, safety skills, leadership skills, and various speakers who discuss their career. The semester topics include entrepreneurial skills, budgeting, saving, and investing their paycheck, dealing with stress/situations on the job, and lifelong learning. Various projects are assigned throughout the year. Students must be in their senior year of school and be able to provide their own transportation. Applicants are then interviewed to determine eligibility and placement. Consideration for acceptance into the program includes student availability, responsibility, dependability, sincere desire, and attendance/tardiness as determined by the internship coordinator. If accepted, the internship coordinator will find an appropriate placement in the community for the student. The student must intern 56 hours during the second semester. The class provides an excellent opportunity to gain insightful experience in their chosen career field, an opportunity to work in a professional site, start networking in their future career field, and a start toward professional growth.

Last Modified on June 10, 2020