• Welcome Twilight Students: Please complete the following worksheets and submit all completed work to mpsmith@nfschools.net on a daily basis. Please join me on the remind app for classroom discussions. You can put answers on a sheet of paper or download worksheet. 

    Periods- 14 A-Day and 15 B-Day


    Students, we will continue our projects based on the salary and careers that I gave to you in class. I want to see if you can determine needs vs. wants. Hit the checks button (to your right) checks and fill out the ckeck and put amounts in logs. Next hit the project button project, and began reading and filling in the needed information based on your salary, if you own or rent, utilities, and other important bills. 

    Week 1- Writing checks! In this activity, you will have to write checks to pay for utilites within your apartment or house. Try to recreate your budget worksheets. Watch those decimals!

    Week 2- Beginning project, balcncing budgets, paying bills needed to survive. If you did not get a salary a career from me when we were in class, contact me on remind and I will give you one to begin project. 

    Week 3- Continue with project! I hope your having fun!

    Week 4- Account statements! Account statement1 and Account statement 2 (click on worksheet)

    Week 5- coupons, rebates, and markdowns! coupons and rebates and

    markdown 1 (click on worksheet)

    Week 6- Sales Tax! salestax1 (click on worksheet)

    Week 7- owningacar (click on worksheet)