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    Intermediate Spanish 

    Overview of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing beginner Spanish~

    (A guide: it will vary throughout the school year)

    September & October:

    Recycle Spanish 1 material: Ser, adjectives, tener, gustar, ir a, estar, present tense verbs, stem-changing verbs, daily schedules, descriptions, numbers 0- 2,000,000, locations, feelings, going places, telling time, adjective agreement, present progressive tense, 

    Celebrations- El 12 de octubre, Day of the Dead. 

    Writing & speaking: composition creation school year themes, pets, going on a trip, #1-6, 27 

    Culture: Costa Rica, geography, Salsa, Cumbia


     Reflexive verbs, sport, body parts, and daily routines 

    Recycle: days of the week, sports, body aches, tener, stem-changing verbs and gustar. 

    Celebrations:-Day of the Dead                     

    Writing and Speaking:#7, 8, 32,   

    Culture: Argentina, Merengue, Tango,

    December & January:

    Preterite tense regular and irregular verbs,(- car, -gar, -zar), Clothing, shopping, going places, tener, tener expressions, ir, after school activities.

    Recycle: gustar, family and choresSports, staying healthy, parts of the body, jugar, saber, conocer, personal a, telling time, foods, beverages, expressing feeling, aches & pains 

    Writing & speaking: #14-20, 28                              

    Celebrations: Posadas, día de los Reyes   

    Culture: Puerto Rico, Rock Latino, Son Cubano, Musica Andina,


    Imperfect tense

    Recycle:    House and home, planning a party, chores, ser and estar, stem-changing verbs, irregular verbs, tener expressions, weather, telling time 

    Writing & speaking:  legends, # 21-25 

    Celebrations: Carnaval                                        

    Culture:  Mexico, Mariachi, Bolero, 

    March, April & May:       

    Commands, Por vs. para, prepositions

    Recycle: ordering food , family, activities, asking for directions, Daily routines, vacation plans, Ir a near future tense, Preterit tense of hacer & ir, reflexive verbs

    Writing & speaking:       #26, 30, 31        #  29, 34-35                      

    Celebrations:   Semana SantaCinco de Mayo, la Feria                              

    Culture: United States, Hip Hop Latino, Bachata, Spain, Flamenco, Sevillanas

    End of May& June:

    Review. Final Exam and Speaking Tasks administered.