Periods 2, 6/7 and 8/9

    Remind Code: @art2nf

    I will be posting all of your assignments on your class section of GOOGLE CLASSROOM and MICROSOFT TEAMS

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    Period 2 code- ppxsojh

    Period 6/7 code- ay4cidq

    Period 8/9 code-ylgo3jn




    Hi Everyone!

    We have had an amazing year in Advanced Studio so far. We were really on a roll creating art together! I miss seeing all of your faces! Your Encaustic Animal paintings were really successful and exceeded my expectations!! I have graded everything from Semester 3, if you have an "I" you need to create make-up work. please send me an email.

    I hope that everyone is doing ok during this time.  Art is tough to teach online...It's a very hands-on subject.  I know this won't be like what we were doing in class.  Nothing can replace that...I also understand that I am not there to help you and give you guidance.   I know that BUT I expect that you try to the best of your ability!!

    I will be posting all Advanced Studio (period 2, 6/7 and 8/9)  assignments this section of my teacher web page.   I will also be giving the same assignments through the Remind App.  I am giving assignments based of the expectation that will be working for 20-30 solid minutes per day.  I will give a few days to work on each assignment.... So at the least you are working for 1 hour and 40 minutes per week. 

     I just wanting you thinking creatively!   Do your best and have fun with this!   We will try to make the most of this. Have fun and enjoy creating!  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything!  Most importantly, be safe and make good decisions! ~ Ms. Campbell

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    Send a text to the number: 81010

    Advanced Studio in Art- @art2nf

     Instagram: campbellnfhs_art








    I will be posting the rest of your assignments on your class section of GOOGLE CLASSROOM and MICROSOFT TEAMS.

    If you're having problems accessing the assignments you can email me or contact me through the Remind App.




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