• Hello Team H!  We are going to start back up with our eMATHinstruction Algebra I content.  You should refer to the calendar each day to figure out what the daily assignment is for that particular day.  The calendar will provide you with a tutorial video (Kirk) and then a lesson to be filled out from listening to the video.  Pages 1 and 2 of the worksheet will be filled out by watching the video and then Pages 3 and 4 will provide independent practice questions to check your understanding. Just put all of your work on a piece of notebook paper and start a notebook for yourself.  Each of you can submit the finished work from the independent practice questions assigned to you through the Remind app by taking a picture on your phone of your finished work.  This is the format that I have followed all year, so I am hoping you are very familar with this process.  I have also added a link for the TI-84 plus graphing calculator on my first page of this webpage. The tutorial videos are very good, but I just ask you to do your best work and I will grade you on your effort!  Hang in there and we will back together soon!    

                                                                     Mrs. Karski