• Finding Copyright Free Images

    Before you use images from the Internet, it is your responsibility to make sure you are using them properly. Much of the artwork on the Internet is copyrighted. If you use Google Images to download your images and clipart for your website, do you check to see the pictures are copyrighted? Some owners charge for images and others want you to acknowledge them in some way.
    Some sites want to sell their images. Others offer "royalty free" images. This sounds like a good thing until you discover what "royalty free" really means. Very basically royalty free means that you pay a one-time fee to download the image or images. Once you have done this, you may use the picture as you like without paying "royalties" over and over. So be careful!

    When you wish to search for free images, you can use the Google or Bing search engines. Bing is actually easier. Check out the videos below to see how to search for copyright free images.