• Free Clipart Sites

    Much of the art work on the Internet is copyrighted. If you use Google Images to download your images and clipart for your website, do you check to see the pictures are copyrighted? Some owners charge for images and others want you to acknowledge them in some way. Before you use images from the Internet, it is your responsibility to make sure you are using them properly.

    Searching for images can be tiresome. Many sites are just link sites and others want to sell images. Other sites offer royalty free images. This sounds like a good thing until you discover what "royalty free" really means. Very basically royalty free means that you pay a one time fee to download the image or images. Once you have done this, you may use the picture as you like without paying "royalties" over and over. So be careful!

    Here are some sites that offer FREE clip art and images. However, please check each site to see if it would like a citation telling where the image came from.

    Click on the titles to go to the sites.