• The District Budget Vote and Board of Education Election will take place May 16, 2023 at general election polling sites.

    Petitions to run for the Board can be obtained from the District Clerk at 630 66th Street beginning March 1, 2023. Two seats will be voted upon, with each term commencing July 1, 2023 and concluding June 30, 2028.

    Key Dates for potential candidates:

    March 1 or later: pick up petitions

    April 26 by 5 p.m. Return petitions to Clerk.

    April 27: Random drawing for placement on ballot



    A qualified voter is one who:

    is a United States citizen;

    is at least 18 years-of-age;

    will have lived in the city for at least 30 days prior to the election/vote;

    is not prohibited from voting under provisions of section 5-106 of the Election Law.

    Those who are listed as permanently disabled voters by the county will automatically receive a ballot in the mail. Those who will be unable to vote in person due to one of the following reasons can apply for an absentee ballot by contacting the District Clerk:

    Absence from county on the day of the vote 
    Illness or physical disability, or duties related to the primary care of one or more individuals who are ill or physically disabled, or because he or she will be or is a patient in a hospital; or
    Resident or patient of a veteran’s administration hospital; 
    Detention in jail/prison, awaiting trial, awaiting action by a grand jury, or in prison for a conviction of a crime or offense which was not a felony, provided that s/he is a qualified voter in the school   
    district of her/his residence

    Public Hearing

    A public hearing on the budget will be held May 4, 2023 at the Administration Building, 630 66th Street, at 7 p.m.