• Niagara Falls Board of Education

    The Board is an elected body which sets policies and provides direction to the District administration.  Members serve five-year terms; election and budget votes are held annually on the third Tuesday in May.  Petitions must be filed in April.
    Regular meetings are held the fourth Thursdays of the month in the Central Office, 630 - 66th Street.  Please see the monthly calendar(s) for exceptions.  Staff presentations begin at 5:30 PM with voting at 7:00 PM.  The public is invited and is welcome at all meetings.  The Board provides time at its regular meetings for the public to ask questions or make comments relating to District policy.  Residents who wish to write to the Board may address their communication to:
    President, Board of Education
    630 - 66th Street
    Niagara Falls, New York  14304
    If there is a problem at school, please contact the teacher or building administrator first.  If the problem cannot be solved at the building level, contact the Superintendent's office.  If it is still not solved, contact the Board of Education.