• October 23 – October 30, 2020

    Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff and Students:

    We had another successful week as we continue to march through our new, atypical year. Once again this week the Niagara Falls City School District (NFCSD) students, staff and parents/guardians did a fantastic job following the guidelines the District has requested so we can all stay healthy and do our part as good citizens. We are protecting all citizens when we wear face coverings and partake in social distancing, wash our hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizer.

    As promised, I am keeping the lines of communication open. We will always tell you immediately if we become aware of any positive COVID-19 cases in our schools. The Niagara County Health Department has been an outstanding partner throughout the entire process of reopening the schools and I thank them. 

    I am pleased to see virtual learning really rolling along and picking up speed. The District took its time to make sure virtual learning got off to a strong start. I can confidently say it has. I recently had the honor of observing a teacher from our Remote Academy. She navigated her class like an absolute pro. I liken her teaching to the work of an air traffic controller, it is that involved and requires that sort of concentration. Thank you to all of our Remote Academy teachers. You are wandering through unchartered territories and handling it beautifully.  

    Congratulations to our phenomenal IT Department. The department has been working tirelessly, readying hundreds of laptops for our students, and now the team has set up technology repair days on Wednesdays. Watch my YouTube videos and listen to my autodialer calls for information on times and locations.

    Let’s stay positive and continue to work together as we keep rolling out this most unusual school year. Thank you.


    Mark Laurrie,

    Superintendent of Schools

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    Our own health care heroes... Sammy Sisler (aide) and Chanel Olszewski (nurse) are Niagara Falls High School graduates who are serving on the front lines, treating COVID-19 and other patients during this sad time. Thank you Sammy and Chanel and the many, many NFCSD graduates working in health care and in hospitals. We salute and thank you.