Hyde Park Elementary

  •  Eagle6
    1620 Hyde Park Boulevard
    Niagara Falls, N.Y. 14305
    Mr. Gerald Orfano, Principal
    Mrs. Diane Bianco, Assistant Principal
    716-278-7988, Fax
    716-278-7986, Clinic

    A message from Mr. Orfano:

    Dear Hyde Park Families,

    With the recent change in the 6 feet to 3 feet social distancing guidelines for Elementary Students, Mr. Laurrie and the Board of Education has approved the return of Hybrid Students to 4 days per week. This change will begin on Monday, April 26, 2021 for all Hybrid Students. Please note that remote students will remain with remote instruction for the remainder of the school year. Teachers and staff have made preparations in the classroom for the return of their entire class 4 days a week so that students will remain 3 feet apart with a mask in the classroom. Masks will be required every day to be worn all day. The cafeteria and gym guidelines will remain 6 feet social distancing. The weekly schedule will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday in School instruction and Wednesdays will remain remote instruction. Parents will be notified of any changes to bussing times and/or stops. Please pay attention to Mr. Laurrie’s daily all calls for further information and guidelines that we must follow. If you have any questions, please call the school at 278-7980.

    Thank you!

    Gerald M. Orfano, Principal

    Hyde Park Elementary School