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    KidBiz® provides the first Web-based, individualized reading and writing instruction solution for grades 2-8 that reaches every student at his or her Lexile level. Powered by a proprietary software engine that distributes assignments to the entire class, but tailors them according to each student's reading level, KidBiz enables teachers to customize content and monitor student growth with a simple click of the mouse. Importantly, KidBiz extends teachers' reach without increasing workloads or time demands.

    Perhaps most important of all, KidBiz is proven to accelerate reading comprehension, writing proficiency, vocabulary development and high-stakes test scores.

    How KidBiz® works…wonders

    KidBiz® is the first instruction solution that delivers truly differentiated reading and writing assignments based on each student's actual Lexile level.

    • Assess. Students' Lexile levels are assessed initially using  LevelSet, a proprietary assessment tool that provides a summative assessment of each student's level of comprehension for informational text. This enables progress to be made immediately, without spending precious time identifying students' correct levels.
    • Individualize. Each day, students receive level-appropriate, standards-aligned nonfiction reading/writing assignments via a safe, secure email system. The Web-based assignments are interactive, engaging and highly motivating. They provide more time on task and more practice - which in turn fosters gains in reading comprehension, writing skills and vocabulary development across subject areas.
    • Reassess. Students' levels of comprehension are monitored by a daily formative assessment of students' reading comprehension abilities. However, in order to measure Lexile growth, a second administration of LevelSet is given mid-year so that students' Lexiles can be adjusted and more appropriate-leveled assignments can be delivered. A post assessment is done at the end of the year when another version of LevelSet is administered.
    • Report. KidBiz also provides teachers and administrators with ongoing management reports and diagnostic data that enable individualized intervention and remediation based on a given student's needs.

    A student-centered pathway to success

    KidBiz® utilizes a five-step process designed and scientifically validated to spur literacy achievement.

    1. Set a schema. Students read and reply to a daily email, which sets the stage for what they are about to read. Students start reading and writing in an informal environment that encourages them to make text-to-self connections.
    2. Read for information. The email directs students to an appropriately leveled, nonfiction article that engages and involves students via real-world topics.
    3. Demonstrate mastery. After reading the article, students answer questions that monitor comprehension, vocabulary mastery and higher-order thinking skills.
    4. Construct meaning. Students build critical cognitive skills by writing responses to open-ended questions.
    5. Form an opinion . Students also participate in a poll about the article so they can demonstrate opinions - the real manifestation of reading comprehension.

    What's more, assignments, activities and integrated formative assessments are all aligned with state standards and scientifically proven top dramatically accelerate gains  in reading levels, vocabulary acquisition, writing ability and high-stakes test scores

    KidBiz® Fast Facts:

    • The only Comprehensive Differentiated Instruction Solution in Reading and Writing for grades 2-8
    • Applicable to the entire student population - mainstream, special education, Title I and ELL students
    • Differentiated assignments and formative assessments are linked to state standards. Students' Lexile reading levels are assessed three times each year, using Achieve3000's summative Lexile assessment, LevelSet.
    • Scientifically proven to increase reading and writing proficiency
    • Powerful reporting provides real-time diagnostic data to teachers and administrators
    • Founded on the principles of the National Reading Panel and National Writing Commission
    • Quick and easy to implement - we complete your set-up!
    • Engages and involves students - in fact, 70% of students continue to use KidBiz®. outside the school...after hours...even on the weekend