• Guardian Angels 

    Each school has been assigned a "Guardian Angel." This is a member of staff, usually located in Central Office, who will assist a parent or guardian who has not been successful resolving an issue at the school level.

    If there is a problem at school, please contact the teacher or building administrator first. If the problem cannot be solved at the building level, contact the Superintendent's office, who will authorize the Guardian Angel to assist you.  If it is still not solved, contact the Board of Education.


    Central Office Guardian Angels 2017-2018 (SUBSTITUTE)

    NFHS Stan Wojton 286-64249 (Bryan Rotella-286-4274)

    GPS Ed Ventry 286-4191 (Ken Krieger-286-4244)

    LPS Stan Wojton 286-4249 (Cheryl Meteer-286-4293)

    Abate Ken Krieger286-4284 (Stan Wojton-286-4249)

    Hyde Park Bryan Rotella 286-4274 (Stan Wojton-286-4249)

    Kalfas Cathy Sullivan 286-4217 (Bryan Rotella-286-4274)

    GJ Mann Eileen Burkett 286-4122 (Cathie Contento-286-4274)

    Maple Bryan Rotella 286-4274 (Cheryl Meteer-286-4217)

    Niagara Street Cheryl Meteer 286-4293 (Cathy Sullivan-286-4217)

    Cataract Ed Ventry 286-4191 (Cheryl Meteer-286-4293)

    79th Street Cathie Contento 286-4282 (Eileen Burkett-286-4122)

    CEC Cathie Contento 286-4282 (Ken Krieger-286-4266)