Superintendent Mark Laurrie


     Mark Laurrie

    Superintendent of Schools

    January 2020 Message


    The Niagara Falls City School District (NFCSD) is taking substantial steps to provide the County’s children with a strong foundation for success. The District has applied for a $5 million grant to run the Niagara County Early Head Start program.

    The NFCSD is passionate about pursing the Early Head Start grant because we are passionate about creating bright futures for our youngest County residents. Early Head Start will allow the District to provide vital services to the children of low income families starting when these children are as young as six weeks. The earlier the District can enroll the children, the earlier they can get the education they need to enjoy success at school and throughout life.

    Involving the entire family in the process is vital in order for Early Head Start to be successful. Our plan for the program includes workforce training for parents and parenting classes. Financial, emotional and mental stability at home are essential to learning. The whole family approach helps promote stability.

    Perhaps most importantly, the District will be able to send staff members directly to Early Head Start students’ homes. This step is vitally important for many reasons:

    • Removes the transportation barrier allowing parents to meet and speak with their child(ren)’s teacher without having to travel to the school to do so
    • Like an in-school parent/teacher conference, the home visit is an opportunity to share a child’s progress information

    The District is pursuing this grant to support the social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth of all children and will offer children with disabilities, or, English as a New Language, the same high quality programing as more typical children. From cradle to career, the NFCSD stands ready to steer our children through all stages of growing up.

    Have a happy and safe 2020!