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    What is a Webinar and How Do I Attend One?



    What is a Webinar?

    Webinars are web-based seminars or classes. You may "attend" on any computer (Mac or Windows), iPads and iPhones, or Android devices. You can even participate in the webinar through the use of a microphone or by sending typed questions or comments. It's just like being in class, but you can attend in the comfort of your home.

    What do I need to "connect" to a Webinar?

    The equipment you need to take part in a webinar is relatively simple. You can actually take part in a webinar with just your school laptop which has built-in speakers and a built in microphone. You may also use your personal computer. Generally, these work just fine with or without a microphone. When you join a webinar, you can check your speakers and microphone prior to the actual class. Some people prefer to use headsets with microphones attached also. These work great and filter out noise from outside. A microphone is not required to attend a webinar.

    You can also attend a webinar using a Smart device like a pad or a phone. Please download the GotoWebinar app from your app store and this will make it easy to attend.

    How do I register and connect to the Webinar?

    Here are two videos dealing with registering for and attending a webinar. It is very easy to do.