• Webinars

    What is a Webinar?

    Webinars are web-based seminars or classes. You may "attend" on any computer (Mac or Windows), iPads and iPhones, or Android devices. You can even participate in the webinar through the use of a microphone. It's just like being in class. However, a microphone is not necessary. You can type and send messages also.

    What do I need to "connect" to a Webinar?

    The equipment you need to take part in a webinar is relatively simple. You can actually take part in a webinar with just your laptop. It has built-in speakers and a built in microphone. Generally, these work just fine. When you join a webinar, you can check your speakers and microphone prior to the actual class. Some people prefer to use headsets with microphones attached also. These work great and filter out noise from outside.

    If you are using your phone or pad, you will need to install the "Gotowebinar" app which available at your app store for free.


    How do I register and connect to the Webinar?

     Each month, a new registration page is posted on the Teacher Resource Center site. When you go there, you will find a list of the webinars available for the month. Just lick on the red "register" button, and then fill in the information requested. Click the "Register" at the bottom.  You will receive an email in return with the date of the webinar. Inside, there is a link that will connect you to the webinar.  When it's time for the webinar, open the email and click on the link. This will take you to the webinar. (The first time, your computer may ask you if it can install a short program that opens the webinar. Give it permission to do so.) If you are using a phone or pad and are asked for the webinar number, you can find it near the bottom of the email you receive back after registering.


    What credit do I get for "attending" a webinar?

    The Teacher Resource Center will grant credit toward salary increment for webinars scheduled through the Teacher Center. If you need hours for your 100 PD hours for the state, this will also count in addition to the credit for salary increment. It counts for both.


    What do I have to do to get credit?

    Actually, it's not very difficult to get credit.

    You must (1) attend the seminar, (2) take part in it, and (3) evaluate it at the end. The report is sent in and you get your credit on PDP Premier.

    1. In Session Duration - You must be "in attendance" and taking part in the webinar. Your In-Session participation time must equal at least 80% of highest participant's attendance time.
    2. Poll Questions Completed - During the session, questions may  be asked by the presenter. You must take part in the webinar by responding to these poll questions.
      3. Post Session Survey Questions Completed- An hour after the end of the webinar, you will receive a "thank you" email. Inside the email is a link to the survey. You must complete and submit this survey