• Activities of Daily Living

    Directions: All activities are performed daily with adult supervision or physical assistance depending on the needs of the student.


    1. Making his/her own bed with assistance 2.      Doing household tasks, including picking up around the house, putting things away, light housecleaning, etc. 3.      Doing errands, including shopping in stores with adult supervision. 4.      Placing clothes on a hanger and placing them in the closet. 5.      Doing laundry, washing and drying 6.      Washing/bathing 7.      Grooming, brushing teeth, combing and/or brushing hair 8.      Dressing and undressing 9.      Toileting 10.   Preparing simple foods requiring no mixing or cooking, including sandwiches, cold cereal, etc. 11.   Mixing and cooking simple foods, fry eggs, make pancakes, heat food in microwave, etc. 12.   Assist with preparing meals 13.   Setting and clearing table 14.   Drinking from a cup 15.   Eating from a plate 16.   Washing dishes (including using a dishwasher)