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    Ms. Bley

    Ceramics & Sculpture

    Email: cbley@nfschools.net

    (Here's some of the work I was able to fire before our emergency closing!)

     Ceramic Art

    Hello lovely students!

    All assignments will be posted here on the assignments webpage tab. Work is available to view in PDF or Microsoft Word document form for you to work on and view. I'll push Remind notifications for due dates.  

    If you have not done so, please join the Remind Application:

    -Class Codes-

    Mod Class 2 Ceramics in Sculpture:  @mod2ce

    Mod Class 4/5 Ceramics in Sculpture:  @mod45ce

    Mod Class 6/7 Ceramics in Sculpture:  @mod67ce

    Mod Class 11 Ceramics in Sculpture:  @mod11ce

    Mod Class 12 Ceramics in Sculpture:  @mod12ce

    You can also find all assignments here:

    The assignments are located in Office 365. https://www.office.com/  Click the link, or look up online "office 365". Then click login. Enter your computer user name you would use to login on the computers at school, but add "@nfschools.net" after your user name. Mine is cbley, so it becomes: cbley@nfschools.net .... The, use your regular password. Once logged in, you will be able to go to your class "teams" and view all of your classes. Check each class and in each class your assignments will be viewable from there.

    If you've been doing the prompts previously, you will be ahead of the game! Thank you to all of you who have been engaging in the art activities! I hope all of you have been safe, and I look forward to seeing everyone on our return :) 

    *****************Please submit work via e-mail :)*****************