• The NFTRC Policy Board is the governing body of the Niagara Falls Teacher Center.  New York State Education Law 316 states that every teacher center must have a Policy Board and that the make up of that board must be at least 51% teachers appointed by the Union President.  Meetings are held on the fourth or fifth Tuesday of the month during the months of September, January,  and May.
    Next Regular Policy Board Meeting
    September 28, 2021 4:00pm
    Location: TEAMS online
    TRC Policy Board 2020-2021
    Dan Weiss - Chair NFT
    Bryan Rotella NFT 
    Julia Conti NFT
    Mary Jo Edwards NFT 
    Dean Melson NFT
    Trish Hennegan NFT 
    Jaime Pero NFT
    Jack Pero NFT
    Andrea Fortin-Nossavage MTIP - NFT
    Frank Coney NFT
    Anthony Navarroli NFT
    Veronica Schucker NFT
    Michele Walker NFT
    Aimee Wolf NFT
    Tammy Zaker NFT
    Julie MacIntyre NFT
    Dennis Wilson NFT
    Sherrie Kaminski Non-Public/Empower 
    Ray Granieri NIMS
    Richard Carella ADMINISTRATION
    Maria Massarro ADMINISTRATION
    Angela Manella ADMINISTRATION 
    Diane Spacone CSEA 
    Russell Petrozzi BOE
    Errol Honadle BUSINESS
    Danielle Zona PARENT
    Cecilia Byrne Substitutes NFSTU
    Alice Kozen, NU HIGHER ED
    Mike Hamilton, NCCC, HIGHER ED
     Karen Waugaman TRC Director