LAMINATING REQUESTS - ALL work MUST be laminate-ready and sent via inner office mail with the proper form (below) to the TRC.


    POSTER MAKING/LAMINATE REQUESTS - A hard copy can be sent 2 ways.


    1) Via inner office mail with the proper form completed.


    2) The hard copy can be emailed as a work document or PDF file only. Sorry, no window's media player attachments, as that software is not compatible with our poster machine.  Please indicate when you need the item(s) returned and where you are located in the email.  Please be advised that if you do not indicate that you

    want your posters laminated in the email, it will be returned to you un-laminated. 


    All jobs will be done in a timely fashion.


    The required LAMINATING FORM and POSTER MAKER FORM can be found below and must accompany all requests.  No post it notes on your request please.


    Any large jobs will require the approval of the director and will take extra time, so please plan accordingly.

    Laminating Request Form


    Poster Making Request Form


    Study Group Proposal Form



    Out of District Workshop Request (This process takes about 1 month and goes to committee for approval)

    Technology Study Group Request


    Tech Study Group Independent Work Log