• Welcome Grades 3-6th, 2020-2021 Native American Education

    Scano (Hello) and Welcome back!

                I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones in good health, mind, and spirit. Last school year ended so abruptly, the goal this year is not to have a loss of contact that I had with my Native students which occurred during March 2020. If we have to go remote once again, I hope we also will be able to remain in contact with one another for the remainder of the school year. We would use the District’s Microsoft Office 365. In preparation, for learning remotely, my goal is to provide the students (and their families), with this year’s school syllabus for grades 3 – 6th.

                During a “normal” school year, class times with my students are based on setting up schedules with his/her classroom teacher, and I do my best to try and teach them by grade level. So my classes (most of them), are up and running about two before Halloween. My Syllabus begins mid October and classes run through the first of June.

    Nya weh,

    Angela Wagner