•  Welcome to our Class of 2020 – 2021!

    ~ Program Design for Pre-K to Grade Two~

    The Indian Education program I have worked on for our students will help them receive basic knowledge of the Cayuga Language as well as curriculum developed to instill appreciation for the culture and heritage of the Haudenosaunee People.

    As a Native American student, your child is eligible to participate in the Indian Education program at his/her school.   Classes in the past have been scheduled weekly through an in-school program. Our new reality for school has changed and I hope to adapt to the new learning/teaching technique outlined by our district.

    In class, I will be using the Cayuga Thematic Dictionary as a reference.   This language was chosen years before I started with the program and as such, I have tried to build on the information shared with me.

    We will be learning about the Six Nations and the Clans of the Haudenosaunee. It would be helpful if your child knows this information about themselves. It gives them a sense of pride knowing where they come from. I believe we could all use a little sense of pride about ourselves.

    I look forward to meeting your child and sharing some of our Culture and Language with them. Welcome Back

    Mrs. Linda Capton

    Mohawk Nation ~ Bear Clan