• Niagara Falls City School District Technology Plan

    The Niagara Falls City School District is committed to promoting and assessing the progress of utilizing technology in all schools and in our community. Over the past five (5) years, it has focused on establishing technology as an integral part of the learning community. In accordance with its previous plan, the District has acquired hardware and established connectivity to the network. Recommendations about the importance of professional development and integrating digital content into the curriculum have been made.

    The Technology Committee has sought to answer the questions of how and why technology has created a positive impact on education. It has sought to synthesize best practices for classrooms, analyze existing research, and interview education experts to identify the educational objectives that technology can help achieve for students, as well as the benefits to teachers, administrators, parents, and the community. Its exploration identified several key findings that are reported herein:

    • Education technology can improve student achievement
    • Technology has the greatest impact when integrated into the curriculum to achieve clear, measurable educational objectives.
    • Assessment of technology must be aligned with educational objectives
    • Measurement and continuous improvement strategies must be widely implemented in schools

    It is believed that the NFCSD Technology Plan addresses these key findings. The Technology Committee will continue to meet to monitor and adjust the Plan as needed. It is hoped that the Technology Plan will continue to inspire students, teachers, administrators, and the community to take decisive action to ensure that technology improves our schools and prepares students to succeed in an increasingly competitive global community.


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