Microsoft Outlook Training Videos and User Documentation

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Q & A

  • Where is MailMeter?

  • Where are Forms, Documents & Procedures?

  • Where is the email group "Teachers"

  • How do I install the Outlook app on my phone?

  • How do I install the Outlook Client?

  • How do I access my calendar?

  • How do I get a "Return Receipt" for my sent email?

  • Will I get a new user name and password for Outlook?

  • Will my email address change?

  • Will my folders from Lotus Notes migrate to Outlook?

  • Will my contacts migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

  • Will the "Regional" directory be available in Outlook?

  • Will students be able to email me from their Outlook account?

best practices & email etiquette

  • Personal Contact Groups and Distribution Lists

  • Your mailbox space is finite....

  • Have you ever received an email that assaulted your senses?

  • Should I "chat" or send an email?

  • Think twice before hitting "reply all"

  • Using profanity in an email

  • Don't forget to visit Google Play or iStore to download the Outlook app to your phone or tablet

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