• Technology in the Classroom

    Approved Classroom Software

    Every teacher in the Niagara Falls City School District has a laptop. Teachers have been trained in the use of District e-mail. Professional Development is available for a variety of instructional software through the Teacher Resource Center. Technology Mentors and Technology Integration Specialists are available to the teachers. Teachers have also received training in the use of NY Learns. The District curriculum has been accessible through NY Learns since the spring of 2006.

    All elementary classrooms in the Niagara Falls City School District have laptops in the classroom for each student.  They are stored in laptop carts when not in use.  Each classroom has printer. Each school library has computers for students to do research.

    The 2 Prep Schools (Grade 7-8) have 4 desktops per classroom and a printer.  Each school has 15 mobile laptop carts.  There are 3 computer labs in each school and the libraries have 20-25 computers.

    The high school has 35 mobile carts with 25 computers each and 5 computer labs. In addition the high school library has 45 computers. Students at the high school have the ability to have a loaner laptop.

    The Community Education Center has 4 computer training rooms with 20-25 computers in each.

    The District has an adult training room located at 66th Street School with 24 computers in the training room and connections for 8 additional laptops.

    In addition to computers and printers, all classrooms are equipped with a SmartBoard and document camera.  Schools have HP scanners, digital camera and digital video cameras. 

    Each School has a STEM Classroom which is equipped with a SmartBoard with 3D projection capabilities, and a Polycom unit for virtual filed trips.