• Niagara Falls City School District Guardian Angels

     Guardian Angels are Central Office staff members who are available to assist parents/guardians with any school concerns. Each school has an assigned guardian angel.

     It is always recommended that the school administrator is contacted first since he/she would have first-hand knowledge about the situation. In addition, it is important that the school administrator is made aware if there is an issue.  However, if further assistance is needed, the guardian angel may be contacted at Central Office to assist with the concern. They serve as liaisons between parents and the schools.


    Contact List

    Below is a contact List of Guardian Angels


    School                                    Guardian Angel                                        Contact

    NFHS                                  John Briglio                                                   286-4249

                                                        (Frank Coney- 286-4274)


    GPS                                     Frank Coney                                                  286-4274

                                                         (Cheryl Meteer - 286-4293)


     LPS                                    Frank Coney                                                 286-4274

                                                          (Tom Fisher- 286-4255)


    Abate                                  Tom Fisher                                                   286-4255

                                                          (Leah Baldassare- 286-4191)


    Hyde Park                          Frank Coney                                                   286-4274

                                                          (Cathy Sullivan - 286-4217)


    Kalfas                                 Leah Baldassare                                             286-4191

                                                          (John Briglio- 286-4249)


    GJ Mann                            Eileen Burkett                                                 286-4122

                                                          (Cathie Contento- 286-4282)


    Maple                                 Leah Baldassare                                             286-4191

                                                          (Cheryl Meteer- 286-4293)


    Niagara Street                   Cheryl Meteer                                                  286-4293

                                                           (Cathy Sullivan- 286-4217)


    Cataract                             John Briglio                                                     286-4249

                                                           (Cheryl Meteer- 286-4293)


    79th Street                          Cathie Contento                                              286-4282

                                                          (Eileen Burkett- 286-4122)


    CEC                                    Tom Fisher                                                      286-4255                                                                        

                                                          (Ken Krieger- 286-4284)





    *Please note that the secondary contact for each school is a backup in the case the Primary contact is unavailable.