• Roving Technology Repair Schedule

    Tuesday & Friday at the following locations and times:

    Niagara Falls High School 9:30am–11:00am
    Gaskill Prep 11:00am ‐12:00pm
    LaSalle Prep 1:00pm‐2:00pm
    Kalfas Elementary 10:00am‐11:00am
    Hyde Park School 1:00pm‐2:00pm
    Niagara Street School 10:00am‐11:30pm
    Maple Avenue Elementary 9:00am‐10:00am
    Abate Elementary 11:30am‐1:00pm
    79th Street School 9:00am‐10:00am
    Cataract Elementary 1:00pm‐2:00pm
    GJ Mann Elementary 12:00pm‐1:00pm